Our Pants Guide

  • Unwashed and untreated, raw denim jeans have a deep indigo colour and are initially fairly stiff (before the wearer has worn them in). Woven on a shuttle loom, which naturally produces a tightly bound, finished selvedge edge used on the outseam of each pant leg, their dark blue colour makes them an easy-to-pair all-rounder.

    Raw selvedge jeans

  • If you’re looking for your next favourite pair of jeans, look no further than your new, 9 ounce (oz.) super-stretch denim quality. incredibly lightweight and noticeably more elastic than your average stretch jeans. In addition to dramatically increasing the comfort of the wearer in hot and humid climates, this new quality offers increased softness and flexibility all year round, and is great for creating a skinnier fit.

    Super Stretch denim

  • Pre-washed to achieve the look and comfort of jeans that have been worn for years — from the first time you put them on. In (y)our case, with a small percentage of elastane for greater flexibility and comfort.

    Washed jeans

  • Available in your choice of lightweight fine twill — ideal for spring and summer — and a slightly heavier, four-season broken twill. Both wearable all year round and particularly pleasant in the warmer months.

    Dyed twill 5-pockets

  • A comfortable year-round option made from durable, soft cotton twill with added stretch.

    Stretch cotton 5-pockets

  • Less formal than your dress chino, but not as casual as the 5-pocket: for a happy medium.

    Smart chino

  • Suitable for the office and your other more formal looks.

    Dress chino

  • Your classic chino in a more relaxed style. Featuring a drawstring waistband with elastic on each side.

    Drawstring chino

  • Add practical cargo pockets to stow your belongings. For a well-dressed utility look.

    Cargo chino

  • seersucker, its unique weave produces a thin, puckered surface that naturally hangs away from the body. Helping keep you breezy and comfortable, this effect creates a cooling layer of air between the garment and your skin. Added bonus: you’ll never need to iron these beauties.

    Seersucker drawstring



POSSEN offers you a wide range of custom-made dress trousers, casual trousers, chino pants, washed or raw selvedge denims and popular 5-pocket pants in moleskin, stretch cord and rugged color cottons.

All trousers are especially made for you, tailored to your body and personal style. Dress to drawstring and cargo styles or bermudas.

Create yours from our style inspiration here or design your own.