Our Knitwear Guide

  • A classic staple in any wardrobe, the Crew Neck offers a simple and versatile silhouette that pairs well with virtually any outfit. Crafted from high-quality, warm materials, this style is perfect for layering or wearing alone.

    Crew neck

  • The V-Neck provides a stylish and flattering fit for any body type. With a v-shaped neckline, this piece adds an elegant touch to your casual wardrobe. Ideal for layering over shirts or wearing alone for a more casual look.


  • The Turtle Neck is a sophisticated style that offers both warmth and elegance. Ideal for cooler weather, this piece can be paired with trousers for a polished look or jeans for a more casual outfit.

    Turtle neck

  • This Hoodie features a clean and contemporary design without a zip, making it a comfortable and stylish choice for casual wear. With its pullover design, it's an easy-to-wear addition to your wardrobe for relaxed days.

    Hoodie no zip

  • This Polo style knitwear without buttons offers a sleek and modern silhouette. With its clean lines and high-quality materials, it's a versatile piece that can easily transition from casual to smart-casual outfits.

    Polo no buttons

  • This Polo style knitwear with buttons offers a traditional polo look but with the comfort and warmth of knitwear. It's a perfect piece for those who want to combine style and comfort in their daily wardrobe.

    Polo with buttons

  • The Half Zip knitwear offers a versatile design that can be worn zipped up for a polished look or opened for a more relaxed style. Crafted from high-quality materials, it provides warmth without sacrificing style.

    Mock Half zip

  • The Half Button knitwear offers a casual and comfortable style, featuring a row of buttons on the upper part of the piece. It's a versatile addition to your wardrobe, perfect for layering or wearing alone.

    Half button

  • The Full Zip knitwear features a zip that extends from the collar to the hem, offering a modern and sleek style. This piece provides the warmth of knitwear with the convenience and style of a jacket.

    Mock Full zip

  • The Full Button knitwear offers a traditional cardigan style with a row of buttons from top to bottom. This versatile piece can be worn buttoned up for a more polished look, or opened over a shirt for a relaxed, layered outfit.

    Full button

  • The Cardigan is a classic piece of knitwear that offers both style and versatility. With a full row of buttons, this knitwear can be styled open or closed, paired with a shirt for a sophisticated look or a t-shirt for a casual outfit.


  • The Hoodie with Zip provides the ultimate in comfort and convenience. With its full-length zip, this hoodie can be worn open or closed, offering versatility in style and temperature control. The attached hood adds an extra layer of warmth and comfort, making it a perfect choice for cooler days or relaxed settings.

    Hoodie with zip

  • The Full Button Bomber merges the traditional bomber silhouette with the sophistication of full-button closures. This design gives a nod to the classic bomber jackets but elevates the style with its knit texture and buttoned front. Perfect for those seeking a contemporary twist on a vintage favorite, this bomber is ideal for layering over shirts or tees, offering both style and warmth.

    The Full Button Bomber

  • The Cable Knit is a timeless classic, known for its intricate patterns and superior warmth. The design mimics the look of ropes or cables, twisted together in a variety of patterns. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the intertwined design helps in trapping heat, making it a favorite for cooler climates or seasons. Whether paired with jeans for a casual look or slacks for a more formal appearance, the Cable Knit is a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

    The Cable Knit

  • The English Rib knitwear offers an elegant texture that’s both tactile and visually pleasing. Crafted with alternating rows of raised and recessed stitches, this design is not only stylish but also offers enhanced warmth due to its ribbed structure. It’s a classic choice for those seeking a blend of tradition and modern style in their knitwear.

    The English Rib



POSSEN knitwear is custom made especially for you and your personal style.

Create yours from our style inspiration shown here or design your own from our much-loved extra fine Australian merino wool, pure Inner Mongolia cashmere, and high-quality luxury cashmere blends with ultra-fine wool, breathable cotton, or natural and durable Mulberry silk.

From crew necks, turtlenecks and mock necks, also full or half zip, to polos, cardigans or hoodies. Even with a matching scarf and beanie. Woven in English rib, cable, single or double yarn.