fw18 Season / Custom Made

Loro Piana Mid Brown Houndstooth Merino Wool & Silk with Baby Camel Hair


Note: Once you place your order we will contact you about measurements and configuration details.

This exclusive limited edition fabric is woven by Loro from fibers shed from the soft, lustrous underfleece of baby Bactrian camels, this fabric maintains the downy fur’s temperature-regulating properties.

Like the double-humped camels from Mongolia’s arid Alashan Plateau, in a jacket woven from these rare, noble fibers you will be prepared for winter’s sometimes bitterly cold temperatures, but you’ll feel just as comfortable on balmier days as well. This camel-on-camel houndstooth print is timelessly classic in an entirely new way.

Every design detail of this jacket can be customized to your taste. Unsure of which way to go? Choose our favorite pre-selected design details for easy ordering.

We recommend this jacket in an unconstructed and unlined Soft Tailoring make for a laid-back look. Choose a traditional or full canvas make for a more pronounced silhouette for a go-to-work look. 

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