Whether it’s your big day or someone else’s, the question remains ... what will you wear?

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    When they showed me the warm red cashmere and wool soft flannel fabric from Holland & Sherry I fell for it straight away. The recommended double-breasted waistcoat and handmade and handcoloured shoes completed my style. And I got my touch of gold with the tie, socks and cufflinks! A dream come true.

    Harald Dols

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    I received so many compliments on both my wedding suit at well as my tuxedo. Both of them as well as the shirts had a great and comfortable fit. And the ties for all our best men were a hit.

    Chris Jager

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    When my 3-piece light blue wedding suit in a light summer fabric from Ariston arrived it exceeded my expectations. I love the details such as the colorful lining with the crane birds and the embroidery 'Mr. & Mrs. van Lopik'. Choosing the fabric and details was a great experience.

    Vincent van Lopik

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    Thanks to Possen for the perfectly tailored royal blue suits and shirts, especially designed and made for us for our wedding in Merida, Yucatán. Lovely finishing touch with the waistcoats and ties. Muchos gracias.

    Edgar Schok Rivera

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    Thank you so much for your encouragements to not choose my fabric too modestly. The outfit was brutal in every positive sense. Everyone loved it and the tie hit bullseye. All sprezzatura they way I love it.

    Harald Wouters

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    In the most beautiful little church in Tuscani, Italy, I married the most beautiful girl in the world, the love of my life. Thank you Possen for the wonderful dark Napoli blue suit in a wonderful Super 150 quality. It fitted like a glove as always

    Hugo Reumkens

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    Indecisively I was swinging between a dark brown and white tuxedo for our wedding day. When Possen presented both a wonderful dark brown wool and mohair fabric as well as a fantastic white slightly felted fabric I got both!

    Horace Cohen

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    Possen takes care of my wardrobe since 2012, including my working period in Australia. After moving back to the Netherlands in 2019, I sat down with them to prepare my wedding outfit and the resulting 3-piece suit is a true masterpiece with a perfect fit. Thanks!

    Elmer Boll

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    The wedding outfit was a big success, especially with Susan! So many thanks again :)

    Ton Dekker

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    Our big day was so wonderful. From the emotions when picking-up the bride to the fusion of all the love around us during the opening dance. And of course Possen also took care of my complete wedding outfit. The modest light blue suit and white shirt combined with the sand-colored waistcoat and matching handmade shoes and tie embrace love, creativity and fun. Thank you!

    Onno Aerden

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    Dear Possen, despite all restrictions we had a wonderful wedding day last September. A beautiful day full of love! Thank you for my perfectly fitting Napoli blue wedding suit. Everyone loved the sand colored waistcoat and the shirts and tie completed the outfit nicely.

    Hessel Aukes

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    Two wedding outfits in one! I fell in love with this light sand soft flannel fabric woven by Loro Piana and decided to have a waistcoat in the same fabric as well as a waistcoat in a dark chocolate brown color. Halfway our wedding day I changed the waistcoat and it felt like a brand new day begun. Actually there are three wedding outfits; for the high tea with our wedding guests the day after POSSEN made an outstanding smart casual seersucker jacket with matching chinos.

    Hugo Oude Reimer


The past 50 years we had the honour to assist countless grooms and all their best men in choosing their wedding style. Whether a casual lunch or a black-tie affair. From something blue to natural tones to steely grey or rather that epic color. We have the perfect style to suit any wedding.

Once the fabric is selected, we help you with finding the perfect fit. Next, we customise your look, from lapels to linings, pocket design to monograms, every detail of your two or three-piece wedding outfit is yours to personalise, including the shirt. Of course, together we add the finishing touches with shoes and accessories such as ties, pocket squares, socks and cufflinks

Zignone sand s100 wool faille Inspiration
Zignone sand s100 wool faille Inspiration
Zignone Sand Super 100 Merino Wool Faille
Zignone pastel pink s100 wool faille Inspiration
Zignone pastel pink s100 wool faille Inspiration
Zignone Pastel Pink Super 100 Merino Wool Faille
Zignone pastel blue s100 wool faille Inspiration
Zignone pastel blue s100 wool faille Inspiration
Zignone Pastel Blue Super 100 Merino Wool Faille
Zignone off white s100 wool faille Inspiration
Zignone off white s100 wool faille Inspiration
Zignone Off White Super 100 Merino Wool Faille


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