Our Ceremonial Guide

  • An all time stylish choice for year-round weddings; the 2-piece classic suit in a S110 doppio, S130 doppio or S150 doppio merino wool. High-quality double-twisted yarns to ensure an elegant, crease-resistant finish.


  • For the more traditional gents — the ever-classic 3-piece wedding suit in a tonal colour is preferred. Matched with a waistcoat in the same fabric or a classic contrasting fabric in a satin or satin-jacquard weave. Consider a stylish double breasted waistcoat model.

    Classic Wedding

  • For the ultimate summer wedding; Solaro tropicals, pure wool sablé, light linen blends, micro-designs in S100 wool, and festive weaves in pure wool and exclusive wool-silk blends. In fresh, contemporary colours such as soft pastels, flattering neutral tones and alluring shades of blue. Each with unique appeal and excellent drape.

    Summer Wedding

  • Traditionally known as the morning dress and worn by British aristocrats, the morning coat and its distinct tailcoat offers a particular elegance. The garment is more formal than your day-to-day suit and welcomes more personalisation than a tuxedo, pairing well with patterns and tastefully coloured styling. This style is appropriate for formal affairs in the morning or afternoon, especially weddings.

    Morning Dress Coat

  • A less formal option for your special occasion, the short morning is a contemporary twist on traditional morning coat. Designed without a tail, this style has all the sophistication of the classic with a more modern touch. These suits are usually crafted with trousers and waistcoat in the same fabric.

    Short Morning Jacket

  • Inspired by Southeast Asian garments, the Nehru jacket is much the same as your traditional suit jacket except for a mandarin collar or short stand-up collar that is turned down and no lapel. The iconic collar is fastened with the help of a hook lending a clean finish to the ensemble. Ideal to wear with a collarless shirt as the jacket does not display any shirt except for cuffs and a bit of the collar.

    Nehru Jacket

  • Be it for a black-tie gala, a New Year’s Eve party or, hopefully, one of many upcoming holiday events. Whatever the occasion, our 365 Tuxedo & Event Collection has you covered for your next classic tuxedo in black or midnight blue.

    Classic Tuxedo

  • Looking for out-of-the-ordinary black tie choices? Direct your attention to our modern interpretations of timeless tuxedo designs. In a luxurious upgrade, merino wool is woven on a jacquard loom to create a breathable midweight fabric with subtle patterns such as elegant paisley, modern polka dot or camouflage design. All in wool with natural stretch for ease of movement and a subtle sheen. Available in classic suiting colours or vibrant burgundy and dark green.

    Modern Tuxedo

  • Generally worn in the evening as an alternative to traditional black tie, the white dinner jacket stands out from the crowd in the best possible way.

    Dinner Jacket

  • Nothing ‘sparkles’ quite like a well-fitting velvet jacket. A solid choice for statement-makers and more festive occasions, the velvet jacket has officially risen to the level of party icon.

    Velvet Jacket

  • Toast to any milestone, achievement or celebration in a look that breathes a smart casual elegance and style in a jacket or suit with well matched button-up or paired with a refined knit like a mock neck.

    Party Outfit



Elevate your special occasions with our ceremonial collection. From traditional wedding suits and morning coats to more casual wedding attire, modern party outfits and head-turning tuxedos and dinner jackets, we've got every event and style covered.

Dive into a world of sophistication and make every moment a style statement. The past 55 years we had the honor to assist countless grooms and all their best men in choosing their wedding and party style. Whether a casual lunch or a black-tie affair. 

Explore or ceremonial collection to discover your unique ceremonial look.