Sustainable Fashion

As a mass-customization pioneer, already for the past two decades POSSEN appreciates the advantages and wonderful opportunities offered by our custom-made fashion concept as it comes to a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry.

Sustainable Fashion

Since 1999 our DNA and complete way of working is centred around fashion that is less cyclical, less vicarious, more transparent, long-lasting and personalised. Minimising our environmental and social impact.

Slowing down a
Fast-paced Industry

In the past decade we noted that our clients were already increasingly turning towards the experience of traditional tailoring and choosing one-of-kind custom-made long-lasting garments. They enjoy experiencing our tailoring service, either digitally or in person, and our joint journey towards a fully personalised wardrobe that is balanced and complete.

Sustainable Fashion, Rolls of Fabrics

Recent and current global events are speeding up the paradigmatic shift towards a more planet-friendly future and remodelling the fashion industry. Building on our tailoring heritage of 54 years, we embrace the greater willingness to consume green and to consume locally, enjoying the blessings of digital and data.

Sustainable Fashion, Image of a Jacket

Our future is an antidote to business as usual - a guide to slowing down, enjoying more, and being happy.

Sustainable Fashion, Rolls of Fabrics
Sustainable Fashion, Rolls of Fabrics

A more value-based approach

In this age of reshaping economic and social models, remote working and rapidly growing digital instead of face-to-face engagement, the very premise of fashion as a visible marker of status, wealth and style, is losing its currency and conspicuous consumption may be past its Golden Age.

What comes in place is the desire for a more value-based approach to fashion, that airs connoisseurship, authenticity, knowledge and simply the experience of a carefully curated personalised wardrobe of high-quality.


Pricing has been no issue anymore since 2007, because we prove that high-quality custom-made garments have a cost that is similar to or even better than prices of mass-produced ready to wear garments

Delivery Time

Lead times should be no hurdle, because we deliver our custom-made items on average within 15 days - or faster - probably further decreasing delivery times in the next few years.

Sustainable Fashion

Road to a circular chain

In the next decade POSSEN will continue to strive to change the fashion value chain into a circular chain, reducing wastage and maximising resources.

Creating high-quality one-of-a-kind fashion items that are made-to-order and made-to-last is one of the key ways we help make the planet a better, more sustainable place to live.

Sustainable Fashion, Rolls of Fabrics


Our garments avoid overproduction wastefulness. We aim for natural and renewable fibres during production, cut on demand and designed to be worn and re-worn. Blockchain technology might provide authenticity and transparency in tracking a custom made garments history from raw material to end consumer.

Sustainable Fashion, Rolls of Fabrics


We aim to minimise the impact on the environment through the way we source natural, renewable materials produced the fairest way possible, shifting towards certified-only fibres phasing out our use of synthetic materials.

Sustainable Fashion, Rolls of Fabrics


Although transportation is just a slice of our emissions and far from our most impactful area, we see an opportunity to reduce our footprint and instead of shipping our semi-finished products and trimmings via airfreight, we use less adverse modes of transport, like by train or sea.

Sustainable Fashion, Rolls of Fabrics


We partner with ateliers and mills based on their pattern efficiency and energy efficiency, especially the use of renewable energy, and build strong partnerships with them fostering and monitoring working conditions that are safe and humane.

Sustainable Fashion, Rolls of Fabrics


We will only be packaging when necessary and avoiding the use of plastic or opt for recycled options.

A little know-how goes a long way

A large environmental impact comes from what happens to clothes after they are purchased. With just little know-how and care, anyone can get the most wear out of their custom garments.

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable and ethical fashion in every aspect is at the core of what we do. Committed to heritage craftsmanship, creating customised garments to connect with and made to last for years to come.

Improve your items longevity

The longevity of your items with significantly improve by wash less and air more, wash on low temperature (30 degrees) with mild non-toxic, biodegradable or eco-friendly detergent, slow down by lower spin cycles of your washing machine, skip the dryer, only wash full loads, dry clean once year at a good dry-cleaning service (avoiding the plastic garment cover and finally try to repair any tears or rips with your local tailor as soon as they appear (or simple drop them off with us).

By 2022, we expect our atelier to receive its first official Fair Wear Foundation report.